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Byron Days Pickleball Tournament

July 25th-28th
$100 per Team ($50/Player)
8085 Byron Center Ave SW, Byron Center, MI 49315, USA
Byron Days Pickleball Tournament
Please keep in mind the following commonly asked questions:

• Only One Player Per Team Needs to Register

• Team Skill Level will be Indicated on the Checkout Page

• The $100 Ticket Price Covers the ENTIRE TEAM COST.

• If Interested in Participating in Multiple Events (for example: mixed & women's doubles), Please Reach out and Get $25 Off Your Second Registration.

• When looking at when your division plays, please keep in mind that divisions will be starting and ending throughout the timeframe noted. For example, the Men’s Doubles (ALL AGES 16+) says 1:00pm to sunset. Divisions within this timeframe will be starting and ending at various times. The official start times for each specific division will be sent out on Monday, July 22nd .

• All games will be played to 11 following standard USA Pickleball Rules.

• For any questions, please text/call (616) 209-8852 or email

Included in this tournament are the following...

• 5 Games GUARANTEED (3 Group Play + Double-Elimination Tournament)

3 Group Play Games: Within every division, there will be 3 Group Play games where we match your team up (within your division) against other teams. Don't worry, the group play games only matter for seeding purposes and we believe this will be a good opportunity for you and your teammate to get a good feel of the competition and gameplan going into the double-elimination tournament. Schedules for the Group Play games will be sent out Monday, July 22nd , and will also be given to each team upon arrival for the tournament.

Double-Elimination Tournament: Following Group Play, all the teams within each division will be seeded into a double elimination tournament!

• Video Footage of the Championship Games

Click Here to checkout the videos from the last tournament!

• Prizes for each Division Winner

• BC Days Sweat Towel

• Sports Drinks and Water

• 50% of Proceeds will go directly towards the Byron Center Park Fund



For teams that sign up on Saturday (June 1), we will be picking out SIX lucky winners. 3 Teams will receive 10 Franklin X-40's (their choice of color), 2 Teams will receive 10 Franklin X-40's (their choice of color) and 2 Paddle Grips (their choice of color). And ONE lucky team will receive 10 Franklin X-40's (their choice of color), 2 Paddle Grips (their choice of color), and 2 Pickleball Bags (their choice of design)!! We will announce the winners for this on our Facebook page on Sunday (June 2) at 1:00pm. We will also text the winners individually.

Division Breakdown

Due to the feedback we received from the 100+ players who have indicated interest in this tournament, we have decided to only offer the following skill levels: 3.0 and below, 3.5, and 4.0. If you do not know what your skill level is, click Here or reach out to us. Please view the graphic below to see when your division plays! Due to the wide range of entries, we are offering Mixed, Men, and Women divisions for each of the skill levels. We also have specific divisions for players who are 60+. For any questions on when your division plays, please text/call (616) 209-8852 or email

Pickleball Tournament FAQ
What is my Team's Skill Level?

Click Here to learn about skill ratings. Just starting or a seasoned vet, there's a skill rating for you!

Does my partner need to register?

Only one member of each team needs to register, as the $100 ticket price covers both participants. Both partners must sign a waiver form during check-in on tournament day.

Where is Bicentennial Park
What do I need to bring on the day of the tournament?

Essential items include your pickleball paddle, snacks, and a packable meal. Water, sports drinks, and pickleballs will be provided. There are a ton of nearby food options if your division has a break in between the group play and double-elimination tournament. Whether your division has a lunch/dinner break will depend on what time the group play starts for your division. All schedules will be sent out on Monday, July 24. 

How long will the tournament last?

This will depend on the size of the division and whether your team gets eliminated in the early or latter stages of the double-elimination tournament. However, expect it to be around 2.5 hours at the quickest and 5ish hours if your team were to make it to the championship! 

Where can I find a schedule?

Schedules will be sent out via email, on Monday, July 22, along with other important information. Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes before your first group play game. We will have a dedicated scheduling table for any scheduling-related questions during the tournament.

Will I get breaks in between games?

Yes! We will do our best to space out the games as much as possible so that teams play as few back-to-back games as possible. However, in the latter stages of the double-elimination tournament, teams may have to play consecutively.

What happens if the tournament is cancelled or I can no longer attend?

Contact us at (616) 209-8852 or for assistance. Refunds are available until Sunday, July 7. In the event of a tournament rescheduling due to weather conditions, teams will have 2 options... 

  1. Participate in the Lowell Bridgefest Tournament Free of Charge

  2. Request a partial refund

When does the Mixed Doubles (ALL AGES 16+) divisions play?

For the Mixed Doubles (ALL AGES 16+) divisions, group play will be on Thursday night (July 25) from 6:00pm to sunset. The double elimination tournament will be on Friday night (July 26) from 6:00pm to sunset. 

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