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Women's 6 Week Pickleball Ladder League

Thursday Nights Starting June 6th
$60 per person
11980 Fulton Street East, Lowell, MI 49331, USA

Ladder League Format


The 8 courts will be divided into 4 tiers signifying the 4 parts of the ladder…


-          1st Tier – Court 6 & 7

-          2nd Tier – Court 2 & 3

-          3rd Tier – Court 1 & 4

-          4th Tier – Court 5 & 8


For the first week, the part of the ladder that players will start off at will be based on the skill level they indicate when signing up.


After warming up, a Fusion Sports Team Member will announce what tier everyone will be at for that night. A clipboard with the game schedule will be at each court outlining the matchups. After each game, one of the players from the winning team will circle the team that won and write down the score of the game.


 After each week, results will be posted and within each part of the ladder, players will be ranked based upon winning % and point differential. For the following week, the top half ranked players within each tier will move up the ladder while the bottom half will move down the ladder. For the top half ranked players in the 1st tier, they will stay in the 1st tier for the following week and for the bottom half of the players in the 4th tier, they will also stay in the 4th tier for the following week.


For the last week (week 6), we will have a double elimination tournament! The top two tiers will participate in a separate bracket as the bottom two tiers in order for more similarly skilled players to face each other. We will create the teams after the 5th week so there will be no need to worry about finding a partner :) The double elimination tournament will start at 6:45pm (warmup from 6:30-6:45pm) and will conclude around 8:30pm like usual.


Prizes will be awarded to the player with the highest winning % and point differential each week along with the tournament winners!


Games will be played to 11 and all standard pickleball rules apply according to the USA Pickleball Rulebook. 

All ladder league rules and format will be explained again in week 1 of the league :)

Rain Policy

If weather prohibits the double elimination tournament on week 6, the backup week would be the week after at the same time. If you have any specific questions feel free to reach out at (616) 209-8852

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